Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Shoes!

These beautiful red shoes belong to my even more beautiful niece Erica -- she wore these out one night while I was visiting my sister and her family. I thought they would make a perfect Ruby Tuesday shot for this time of the year. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!


B : ) said...

pretty! Do you have shoe envy? B : )

Martha@Menagerie said...

"There's no place like home" came to mind the second I saw them! Of course Dorthy didn't wear heels like that - but "we aren't in Kansas anymore" ;-)

luba17 said...

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Stephanie V said...

Ruby slippers are perfect for RT. That's great.
Happy New Year!

CafebyJW said...

I want this one! I fall in love with it now.

Happy New year!

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Manang Kim said...

Oh that's a very pretty red shoes lovely!!

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Anonymous said...

I think every woman should have a pair of sexy red shoes.

Mitt eget krypin said...

Just perfect for the New Years Eve