Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Here I am Martha!

I have been off again for quite a while - life kept on getting in the way. I hope the everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and a nice long weekend with it. I had a very nice Thanksgiving day with family and friends and of course the meal of ALL meals!

I have been out walking with Bonnielee of "Just B" taking lots of pictures of some of the beautiful scenery here in SW Florida and of some other interesting things that we have come across.

Now that the Christmas count down is on I will be baking and wrapping and making candy so I should have some fun things to post. Speaking of fun things my new header picture is of the Gingerbread men that my daughter Marissa made. There is one for each of us in the family - I think that she did such a great job on these they are so fun!!


Askew To You said...

You have a very yummy-looking post. :)

Vicki ~ FL said...

Not only are they fun but they look pretty yummy too!

Martha's Menagerie said...

LOL! Love the title of the post and love your new header too! So glad to see you here! :-)