Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Knee Surgery

My poor DH had to have surgery on his right knee this morning - he had a tear in his meniscus and he had a bit of arthritis that the doc "cleaned" up while he was "in" there. The surgery was arthroscopic which meant that he only had to make 2 small incisions in the knee to go in to do the repair. Not being in the medical field and luckily not having had surgery myself recently I was surprised to see the doctor's initials right above the bandage when he came out of recovery. "DC" (for Derek Cuff) do you see it in the photo? Apparently the doctor comes in before the surgery and puts his initials right above the place where the procedure will be done - I guess so there are no mistakes - like you know how you hear stories of body parts gone missing because the surgeon made a mistake. This may be strange to some of you but I thought it was very interesting - and I thought I'd share :) No mistakes here thanks Dr.Cuff!


Martha (MM) said...

I thought it was a tattoo, LOL!

Martha (MM) said...

PS - Sure hope he is back to his old self soon! :-)