Wednesday, April 21, 2010


To all of my fellow admin assistants I say have a Great Day and remember things in your office/company/business would not run as smoothly or be as organized if it wasn't for all of your hard work and dedication. Just in case your boss forgets to say it Thank You!!!!!!!!!!


Martha said...

Happy administrative assistant day to you too and thanks for all you do! I have a feeling we are so appreciated that we'll be hearing it all day ;-)

Martha said...

We did hear it all day and it was more fun than if "they" would have said it themselves. Life is what you make it - we know how to do it :-)

B : ) said...

Sorry this is late - I was wordless for a while. After thinking all this time, I still have nothing positive to say about this "special" day or how "they" celebrate it.....or don't....or it just being one day. Being wonderful at your job is its own reward - keep that in your heart. I have always said the Receptionist should be the highest paid person in a company - they are the first impression that company gives to prospective and regular customers. They are the ones who know everything and what's going on. But, alas, they are always the lowest paid. What a shame!